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810 ml


Swiss GriP Non-Slip P3 is a premium quality, transparent non-slip coating. Its durable coating is CSIRO-certified in accordance with the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance with P3 slip-rating. Therefore, it is the ultimate non-slip solution and eliminates slips and falls in wet and dry conditions.


Swiss GriP Non-Slip P3 can be applied to any surface to eliminate slips and falls. It creates a durable, transparent non-slip finish on the surface. So unlike anti-slip treatments, it does not alter or damage the surface. It is the leading non-slip solution for bathrooms, showers, pool areas, changing rooms, domestic kitchens, stairs and other areas where a P3 slip rating in required. It has excellent adhesion to ceramics, porcelain, marble, PU, epoxy, timber and many other surfaces.

Swiss GriP Non-Slip P3 – 15m2

    • CSIRO Certified – P3 Slip Rating in accordance to AS 4586-2013 and AS 4663
    • Seals and Protects – Creates a protective, transparent non-slip finish
    • UV-resistant – For indoor and outdoor applications
    • Self cleaning – Water and dirt repellent technology
    • Antimicrobial – Certified in accordance with ISO 846
    • Environmentally friendly – Water-based polyurethane coating
    • Outstanding adhesion – Ceramics, porcelain, epoxy, timber, acrylics, PU, fibre glass and other surfaces
    • Durable – Resistant against cleaning agents and disinfectants
    • For 5sqm – Covers up to 5m2. Can be applied by roller or HVLP Sprayer

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