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S-TECH 40M™ is a fully breathable, modified silane impregnator which penetrates deeply and provides superior water repellent. S-TECH 40M™ is optimized to bond efficiently inside a wide variety of masonry, including all types of natural stone, cast stone, brick, terracotta, concrete and grout.

Stain-Proof S-TECH 40M™

    • Smaller silane for maximum penetration.
    • Formula is optimized to facilitate efficient bonding across all types of masonry, including non-cementitious, low pH materials such as brick and natural stone.
    • Maximum penetration and optimized bonding efficiency provide superior long term water repellence.
    • Premium protection against freeze-thaw / salt water spalling, efflorescence, picture framing, damp migration and other common damage caused by water and chloride ion ingress
    • No color change on most stones and masonry surfaces.
    • Negligible change to slip resistance when applied according our written instructions and guidelines.
    • High resistance to alkaline (high pH) environments. Concrete is highly alkaline / base and can severely shorten the life of other technologies.
    • Able to seal hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm (0.012 in.)
    • Non film forming so it cannot flake or peel and is resistant to UV
    • Dry-Treat only uses silanes which produce alcohol. Dry-Treat sealer do NOT contain methoxy silanes which emit methanol and can cause blindness / death

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